Pechtregon Cycles

Pechtregon Cycles Concours de Machines 2016

Matthieu fell for cycling when he was very young, and it's been hard for him to get over it. It takes time in life... In his childhood, he used to tinker bicycles, then, the adolescence crisis led him to cut frames and modify them, and quickly to build them. An internship in Sunn, when it was big, and after crossing the US, trip during which he kept learning with Jeremy & Jay Sycip for a year. He's been loving  building structures ever since: bikes, trailers, furnitures, buildings...

Since about 4 years ago, he progressively started to associate the construction of every kind of bicycles with his designer activities. Frames, forks, stem, seat tubes, some parts processed here and there, TIG weld essentially, and a delicate braze when necessary. 

Generally, everything starts with word-to-mouth. Then a certain meeting, a bicycle trial, discussions, an arrangement, and more importantly the need for a common understanding. All the Pechtregon bicyles are the crossing of these chromosomes with the ones of their owners.