Cyfac Concours de Machines 2016

Cyfac’s history is highly related to a heroic era and the golden age of cycling ... That's why we are eager to protect and perpetuate the tradition, the knowl-how and the authenticity, in memory of that golgen-age, by creating and producing unmatched and unique bike frames.

Cyfac was awarded the ‘’Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’’ label (Living Heritage Company) since 2012 and nowadays continues its activity in the original workshops at La Fuye, nearby the city of Tours, working with the different materials used in frames manufacture, such as carbon, titanium, steel or aluminium.

Therefore, we offer a wide range of choices to respond to all requests in terms of performance, aesthetics and budget. This way the customization is genuinely tailor-made. Thanks to our production methods and our expertise, we can ensure the best human-machine match : a frame that is the extension of the passionate owner, made-to-order, allowing an immediately improved position.

The quality of finish and the wide range of options guarantee a Cyfac bike that match exactly the cyclist expectations.
The use of stencils in the customization process allows to achieve any desired finish, regardless the whimsy, whether it is a standard graphics or a "one- off" custom-made by the Cyfac "Design Studios".

Thereby, Cyfac has been created for more than 35 years stunning frames.aluminum.